Shoaib Akhtar – Need say more?

Never have been two words more appropriate and comprehensive for a headline. This man could ignite fire in a person who was watching the game for the very 1st time by sheer brilliance and he could also frustrate the hell out of a fan all at the same time.

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Pakistan outshines Sri Lanka in nail-biting encounter

The ‘Afridi XI’ held their nerves, despite dropping countless catches, as Pakistan beat Sri Lanka with just 11 runs to register their second successive win in the ICC World Cup 2011. The air in Colombo was filled with the cheers of thousands of fans and supporters for both the nations.

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Afridi, Umar star as Pakistan blow Kenya to tatters

Pakistan opened their World Cup campaign with a crushing 205-run win over Kenya at the Mahinda Rajapaksa International Cricket Stadium at Hambantota. The odds were always against Kenya, but with the sheer unpredictable nature of the Pakistani team, one could never be too sure about the result.
Pakistan won the toss and chose to bat first; [...]

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Cricket – a gentleman’s game but with prejudice and covetous mentality

History of this game dates long back before the partition of the subcontinent. It all started in the 16th century. The pioneers of this sport also call themselves as the Janitors of this historic game. The Englishmen were considered to be experts in this sport but soon other nations also joined it and started competing fairly well against them. But this was not good news for them because they always felt they were a superior creation and never liked competition especially against them.

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Fawad ka Alam

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Consistency has been the rampant issue with the Pakistani Cricket team, yet the treatments that has been dished out by Pakistani team officials and PCB to Fawad Alam has been utterly consistent. Fawad has been a model of professionalism and commitment all the way through. Hailed as the Replacement of Inzimam ul Haq and Pakistani replica to Mike Hussey and Michael Bevan, Fawad has always been on the fringes of the team.

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